Patchnotes 0.014a

Hey Snowcats!

we are currently still looking for a publisher but that should not stop us from making some comfort changes to Wilds Woods.


Cat loves mice. Some minor comfort changed made it into the game with some extra general improvements.
We got ask recently a lot to bring back the winter edition. So now you can activate the mode by yourself.
Have a nice cold but don't complain about frostbite ;)


Change: Improved the player movement, should be more 'cat'chy now
Change: Increased the throw Angle by 5 degree, should be easier to hit the storage now
Change: Attack Indicators should now be easier to see in the winter edition

Added: You can now use the mouse buttons to fight and collect (For keyboard players)
Added: Discord button in the main menu so you can easier keep in touch with us
Added: Keyboard shortcuts
 - F6 : toggles the winter edition (restart the run to activate)
 - F7 : mutes the music
 - F8 : deactivates the fire ui ( if you want to be the cat master )

Fixed: Throwing from different angles should be equally successful

As always feel free to join our Discord to keep in touch!

If you have problem to install the mac version please try this:

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Feb 07, 2020 98 MB
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Feb 07, 2020

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