We have a publisher!

Wild Woods and Daedalic Entertainment

Hey brave travelers! 

Throughout development, we’ve learned that a huge part of making games isn’t related to just developing the game. It’s marketing, PR, handling with platform holders and more. This costs us a lot of extra time to develop a good game. 

That's why we are really happy to announce that we are now in a partnership with Daedalic Entertainment. As publishers, they will help us with financing, marketing and especially introducing Wild Woods to a broader audience. We are very happy to have Daedalic Entertainment as a strong partner on our side!

Please rest assured we retain complete creative control over the game. Wild Woods will be what you and we want it to be. Our number one priority remains to make an awesome family friendly rogue-like co-op adventure. 

We love Wild Woods and you, the community, as a part of it and hope you’re excited about this news as we are! We’re grateful to have this opportunity and support from you all. Thank you for joining us on this journey and bringing Wild Woods to life. 

Long awaited, we have another reason to celebrate, finally Wild Woods can be added to your wishlist on Steam.

Enjoy the weekend 

- The team of Octofox Games

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I love this game, I wanna throw my money at it.

Thank you! We take it :)

What does this mean to those supporters through itch.io racial justice? Will we get the game on launch (as a drm-free version here on itch.io?)

Rather not. We primarily wanted to set an example for equality and justice. And we were able to use itch to mark this prototype. I think it would help if itch would mark free entries in their bundles.

But we are really happy that you also followed the call for a better world :)

Congratulations!! :D I'm wishlisting right now!

Thank you really much!

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That’s a great news ! I really enjoyed the prototype, can’t wait to see how good the full game will be :D

I don’t know if you will be able to launch it on Nintendo Switch, but that’s exactly the type of game I wish to see more on the e-shop.

Thank you! 

About the e-shop... we feel you ;) 

Nice! Congratulations guy! Hope it works fine for you!

Thanks! We also hope :)

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congrats! such a brilliant game! really too bad its so short, has great potential...

if you add this as a demo to the steam page i'm sure you'll get some nice reviews :)  

Thank you! That sounds like a good idea.


Thank you really much!

Will it still be supported on Linux? Only seeing Windows in the system requirements.

Currently nothing speaks against it. The content of the steam page will be updated in the future for sure :)