Patchnotes 0.015a

Cats love twittering birds,

that's why we are on Twitter now :)


First of all, players can now throw resources to each other, YEAH! We added this mechanic with some additional options to play around with. That way we want to get some feedback to improve the overall throwing feeling.

Furthermore we want to test some enemy variations. The first one is the veteran rabbit warrior. He is much more experienced, attacks faster and can't be interrupted by your attacks. Be careful, he looks more harmless than he is.


Added: Player can throw resources to each other
Added: Veteran rabbit
Added: Options to change throw behavior
Added: Descriptions for menu options

Changed: Boss cutscene
Changed: Badger jump appearance
Changed: Black cinematic bar style

Fixed: Badgers should flee like the rabbits in the boss area
Fixed: Blurry wagon and player UI
Fixed: Audio sliders should be easier to control with keyboard
Fixed: Minor performance improvements

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If you have problem to install the mac version please try this:

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Apr 26, 2020

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