Future of Wild Woods

Greetings from Hamburg! We got some more insights into the future of Wild Woods!

In the past months we have talked to many publishers and investors and also applied for the a local prototype funding program. We have been thinking about the best way to develop Wild Woods in the future and have come to the conclusion that we will remain independent for the time being. Because we got funding! :) Here are the changes and additions we've planned for the next iteration of Wild Woods and the Design Pillars that guide us:

Design pillars:

- Play together and not against each other

- All mechanics should be understandable intuitively (for casual and experienced players)

- Fighting isn’t everything

Changes at a glance:

- Online multiplayer!

- Different weapons and therefore new game styles

- Expanding the forest

- Complete revision of the upgrade system

- A safe haven for upgrading the wagon and changing equipment

- More co-op interactions, such as carrying a tree trunk away together

For the creation of the online multiplayer Wild Woods will be completely rebuilt. Of course, this will delay the production initially, but it's needed to obtain a high quality of code which in turn will allow us to easily add new content later down the line. Once the basics are in place, such as the online multiplayer and different systems (weapon, upgrade, enemy, etc.), we can fully concentrate on adding new content.

Sadly this also means that we will no longer be able to provide regular updates for our demo on itch.io. Instead we will focus all our energy on creating the actual game and keep you updated throughout the whole process.

In the last year we have been working a lot on the game design and came up with a bunch of ideas that we want to explore. Due to the experiences with the last prototype we can try out these new ideas much faster.

Stay tuned for more!

Feel free to join our discord to stay in contact.

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This was the best couch coop play time I had with my kids by far. Really hoping development is still on-going! I don't see any fresh news about it?

Steam page soon for wishlisting?


Good Morning, and thank you for your feedback! 

We are still on it. But currently the news would be kind of boring because recently we did mostly just background programming stuff. 

That was necessary to support online multiplayer. 

As soon as we have something exciting to show you will know. 


I once played this and streamed it for people over Parsec about a year ago. I absolutely loved it and so did the randoms I played with! I look forward to seeing more content for this game in the future.

This was a game I played from the Bundle for Racial Justice that I did a random roll for and streamed. I really, really enjoyed it and finished it wanting more! You've developed a great base for a game and I really want to get some friends together to play. I'm glad to hear there's more work happening and wish you all the best!


Hey there astarr!
Sorry totally oversaw you post. Thanks for your motivating words, we are always super happy, if people like our work, Thanks man!
You can play Wild Woods btw with your friends over the internet btw. We recommend parsec for that.
There is even a way to trick steam into playing Wild Woods via remote play.

Join your Discord, we and our community are always willing to help and have a chat with new catlovers ;-)

Cheers, Eric

Wow, great news !
I'm especially eager to see some of those changes : the expanded forest, the safe haven and the new co-op interactions !
Best of luck ;)

Thank you, luck is always something we can use^^

And yeah currently these bullet points are not that specific we know, but more will follow if we have something concrete to show.


Very much looking forward to a release when it happens. The demo was one of the most fun games our family has played and we're craving more. :D

Thank you! we do our best to bring Wild Woods to a full release ^^