Christmas Patchnotes 0.017

Ho Ho Meow,

contrary to what we thought, here is another tiny quality update!
Mainly because the elite rabbit trained too well and started to annoy the players :)

As a little seasonal surprise we have made Wild Woods a little more festive again.


All December long you can now hike in the cold, snowy and christmassy Wild Woods.
Furthermore from now on you and a friend can play on one keyboard together. (Controls are below)


Added: Keyboard support for another player.

Change: Replaced the gras model.
Change: Reduced Elite Rabbits attack speed.
Change: Changed the shape of attack indicators to keep the overview.
Change: Slightly improved the performance, by drawing stuff together.
Change: The snow has a more bluish tint.
Change: Throw lines are now colored.

Fixed: Last years green and pink snow glitch is gone.
Fixed: Sometimes the big tree trunk could not be destroyed.

Keyboard Controls
  - WASD to move
  - E to interact / collect
  - F to attack
  - Space to jump
  - Arrows to move
  - Enter to interact / collect
  - Shift-Right to attack
  - Ctr-Right to jump

The winter mode is a bit harder because of white rabbits on snowy ground you know :) You can disable all the snow in the settings menu
=> options/advanced/display/winter

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Dec 07, 2020 94 MB
Dec 07, 2020 95 MB
Dec 07, 2020

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For those of us who supported through racial justice bundle, is there a possibility we get the full version on launch.?

Rather not. We primarily wanted to set an example for equality and justice. And we were able to use itch to mark this prototype.

We are happy that you also followed the call for a better world :)

thanks for the prototype anyhow